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The Benefit of the Four Roll Design

The four roll is the most productive plate roll configuration in the market today, ideal for a high volume of parts to be produced, even in CNC automatic mode. This advanced design incorporates many benefits such as:• Plate is introduced horizontally (and not tilted as on the three roll double pinch).• Plate is squared instantly against the back roll (reducing risk of mis-matched end condition of the part).


• Requires space only on one side of the machine, where the plate is introduced to the machine.

• Greatly reduced flat-end (due to better pre-bending) thanks to the clamping roll that can take the edge to the precise tangent points of the top and bottom rolls.

• It is the fastest machine to roll a can, as it would require only one position for each side bending roll.
four roll designs

• The entire cylinder can be finished in only one pass (within a suitable capacity), including pre-bending of the edges

• No need to pre-bend both ends before starting to roll the entire cylinder, as required with a 3 roll.

• Pre- bending of the trailing edge is performed while the plate meets the top and side roll as a
n “automatic” feature

• No need to remove, turn and re-insert the plate as on a 3 roll single pinch (asymmetric).

• The most suitable for CNC operation, as the plate is under a better control, clamped between the top and bottom rolls, until the part is finished (slippage and position shifts are virtually eliminated).

• The four roll could be even 50-80% faster and more productive than any style three roll.

The four roll design is recommended for clients who:


• Wish to operate through CNC, with less dependence on operator skills• Look for more steady quality of the rolled products.

• Look for high productivity, and increased profits.

• Require good accuracy and quality improvements.

• Need handling equipment for larger plates, who are also concerned for production or safety reasons.

• Are new to plate rolling, as it is the easiest plate roll to operate.


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