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Davi MCA Standard Features

1) MCA 3028 - DAVI Basic machine


2) Induction Surface Hardened Rolls

• Superior Heat Treating of Induction Surface Hardened Rolls

• Much harder in surface than the not-hardened rolls, to reduce wear and scratches

• Surface hardened to 48-62 HR Rockwell C, depending on the size (annealed not to be too fragile)


3) Electronic Package to produce cones

• Electronic control software tilting of the side bending rolls (returns horizontal automatically).

• Guiding die (cone shoe or roller) in Hardened Tool-Alloy chromium Steel



“Self-Programming” CNC: DAVI “ MCA EASY-ROLL”

With Davi Aided Program, cylinders and other single radius shapes, could be

programmed… WITHOUT PROGRAMMING ! Select a shape from the library; enter Width, Thickness, Radius and Material; the entire rolling Process is automatically calculated and built into a CNC Part Program, virtual, as ready to be optimized (according to the actual

material) by the operator on the real plates in the machine, and saved in the CNC memory!

To roll a lot of identical plates, just press the “start” button. All the movements will be automatically performed by the CNC (as different materials change the diameters, manual corrections can be required, to improve the results).

It is suggested to roll in one pass automatic mode up to 60-70% of the prebending capacity (multiple passes parts can be eventually programmed in Editor mode).

Proven programs can be saved in memory, for future use.


- 1000 Programs capacity in memory ( 50 steps per program).

Program mode:

- Editor mode, writing the program through the Keyboard, step-by-step, by axis and

positions through key-board;

- Teach-In mode, rolling the first piece and memorizing: the control repeats it, with

the same movement and positions, on the rest of the batch. - Aided mode, part program generated by the CNC

Operating mode: - Manual mode

- Semi automatic mode (in MDI) - Automatic mode


Controlled axis:

8 axis:

X = Front bending roll - KX = Tilting of the front bending roll for cone process Y = Rear bending roll - KY = Tilting of the rear bending roll for cone process W = Bottom clamping roll

P = Clamping Pressure control

S = Rolls rotation to feed the plate O = Machine opening

Unlimited additional Axis can be added, upon request, at the time of the order, with additional price; Unlimited number of axis can be manually controlled through Joystick


- Color graphic display screen 12” with extended keyboard, 10 alpha-numerical program names, touch screen. - 3D-Compact console (Movable on wheels)

- MULTIPORTS:USB ports for programs back-up,Ethernet - Operating System Windows 7 embedded


The Easy-Roll control also includes:


- ON-BOARD INFO DIAGNOSTICS - Instantly available on the monitor: User’s manual, Electric and Hydraulic

Schematics, Parts Manual identifying consumable or spare parts, Capacity Charts of different material and steel grade, Listed Trouble Shooting, helping to find out possible problems, FAQ Frequent Asked Questions, to solve many doubts.

- REMOTE TELE-SERVICE ON LINE (by customer, on-demand): if allowed by the customer, using a simply and

safe Ethernet connection the closest Authorized DAVI Service Center can provide Remote Service.

- DIAMETER CORRECTION for single radius: i n case of deviation (for different Yield) Easy Roll re-calculates

and suggests new, and “corrected” position of the side rolls, according to the real result on the real plate, to improve the result.

- PLATE CUT DIMENSION: on line for available templates (single radius)


- AUTOMATIC MODE PRODUCTION REPORT: total daily, weekly, monthly, annual reporting of production


- DVD-Like ANIMATION - An animation, trains to the correct sequence of movement on the part to roll, not to

collide or interfere, after calculating the entire sequence.

Machine control and machine electrical - electronic components protected against welding spike. Tack welding/welding on our machine is NOT a problem


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