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Waterjet Corporation Cutting Machines



Wightman Stewart Waterjet Ltd are suppliers of Abrasive Waterjet Machines manufactured by Waterjet CORPORATION S.R.L based in Monza Italy. The machines come in four different styles and in a variety of sizes to suit clients need exactly.


(Special Abrasive Waterjet Cutting Machines in production at the Waterjet Corp Monza factory)

Abrasive Waterjet cutting allows any material to be cut cleanly, accurately and efficiently although some softer materials can be easily cut using pure water only. The Waterjet Corp software allows the client to select what surface finish he needs on any surface of the parts being cut.

By altering the cutting speed, the rate of abrasive flow and other parameters the surface finish of the parts can be easily controlled. The Abrasive Cutting Machines supplied by Wightman Stewart Waterjet are designed to allow different finishes to be cut on different parts of the same component. Close tolerances and good finishes where needed and rough finishes in places that are not important or where secondary machining will take place. The Abrasive Cutting data base uses the colours to select the finish required to automatically set the cut speed etc.






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