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Specialised Waterjet Machines


Wightman Stewart Waterjet Ltd are the sole UK agents for all the products manufactured by Waterjet Corp based in Monza Italy. Their machines range from the standard sizes and configurations through multiple cutting heads with ITC (intelligent Taper Control) or 5 axis or combinations of both to the dual duty machine the Plasmajet which gives the fabricator both options on one high quality machine.


Separate Tank with 3 or 5 axis CNC Flying Bridge technology with ball screw transmissions and automatic lubricating system.

Patented revolving arm design allowing loading and offloading whilst still cutting on one table.


Compact high performance Waterjet Cutting Machine studied for an easy operation and built with high quality commercial components suitable for any standard 2D cutting job application.

Integrated Stainless Steel Tank and 3 axis CNC gantry technology with helicoidal rack and pinion transmissions and self lubrication system.


Single or twin cutting head either master and slave or two motorized masters allowing independent control of each on same axis.


Independent frame/tank design, Stainless Steel Tank with extra thick base, Reinforced X axis Gantry style bridge with LM guides. Galvanized slat and support frame with level registration. Double bellows over LM guides and ball screw drives. Normally fitted with I.T.C (patented intelligent taper control) Height self positioning and anti collision.


I.T.C Intelligent Taper Control, Height self positioning and Anti- Collision


Mitsubishi 750M CNC, Independent frame/tank design, Stainless Steel Tank with extra thick base, Reinforced X axis Gantry style bridge with LM guides. Galvanized slat and support frame with level registration. Double bellows over LM guides and ball screw drives. Fully enclosed design with % axis and I.T.C with Height self positioning and Anti- Collision. Vacuum Assist Sensor, Non Return Valve and Laser Pointer.

5 Axis with I.T.C and height self positioning and Anti- Collision.




LT 22 = 625 mm x 625 mm (2’ x 2’)
LT 44 = 1.250 mm x 1.250 mm (4’ x 4’)
LT 612 = 1.550 mm x 4.000 mm (5’ x 13’)

3 axis NC Flying Bridge technology with Integrated Tank and Ball Screw transmissions with self-lubricating system Vasca integrata con tecnologia “Flying Bridge” gestita da controllo numerico a 3 assi Interpolanti. Trasmissione con vite a ricircolo di sfere e auto-lubrificazione.

4.130 Bar (60.000 PSI) STREAMLINE Intensifier Pump and applications


Specialised Waterjet Cutting Solutions

As the exclusive UK distributor for the Waterjet Corporation, Wightman Stewart Waterjet is able to offer customers not only standard but also customised, special waterjet cutting machines. Typical of the special cutting machines that can be supplied is a RAM machine that has been developed for a foundry application and allows the customer to cut samples from large pipes. The slices of pipe that are cut, using a 6000 bar pump from KMT, go directly to the company’s laboratory for quality testing.

A second special waterjet cutting machine, the CLASSICA CLTRX 44 3D 5- AXIS has been designed by Waterjet Corporation for a customer requiring a revolving table which allows loading on the open side whilst the machine is working on a part in the closed area. It incorporates five axes with an RTCP (Rotating Tool Centre Point) head.

Another special machine designed by Waterjet Corporation is the SUPREME DOUBLE BRIDGE DXD 1030 cutting system combined high definition plasma and waterjet double deck independent with a unique CNC working area of 3,350 mm x 8,000 mm. The first bridge has an HDP 130 amp plasma torch, while the according bridge has a cutting system generator ITC Hypertherm Plasma high definition with anti-collision system and builtin probe.

A highly specialised machine designed by Waterjet Corporation, the ROLL JET RJ 710 cutting system with rotary worktable tape, has been designed for processing insulating materials, glass wool, rock wool and fibre by means of loading and holding three coils in securely. The cutting dimensions are 2,000 mm x 3,000 mm, with a table tape stainless steel rotating triple charger of material in coils system by parallel rollers.

“These examples underline the design capability of the Waterjet Corporation and demonstrate how we can offer the UK market specialised, high specification waterjet cutting tables to suit both new and experienced users of waterjet technology in the engineering subcontract sector as well as other markets,” says Simon Fitton, managing director of Wightman Stewart Waterjet. Waterjet Corporation has enjoyed continuous worldwide success by concentrating its product range on technology that exploits the potential of high-pressure waterjetting.

The company supplies both abrasive and pure water machines as well as specialised waterjets for hammering and texturing stone materials, the cutting of quarried materials and for underground tunnelling applications. The standard range covers sophisticated 3D/5-axis cutting machines including combined waterjet/ plasma machines, compact high performance 2D machines and flying bridge tables.

Manufacturing takes place at the company’s global headquarters in Monza to ISO 9001-2008 standards. Wightman Stewart Waterjet has vast experience in the application of waterjet throughout a diverse range of market sectors from subcontract engineering to aerospace components, building products, glass production and food manufacturing amongst others.

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