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Davi MCA 4 Roll Plate Roll

MCA1The Davi MCA Four Roll Plate Roll are designed to form plate from approximately 0.6 mm to 20 mm depending on the plate type, thickness and width.

Available for plate widths from 0.6 mtr to 6 mtr as standard. The MCA Plate Roll can be specifically built to the customers requirements for those difficult manufacturing solutions and fully automated to include automatic scanning of the the component which will adjust stock levels and load the designated program into the machines memory.

With fully automated loading, centralizing of the plate, auto feeding, rolling and ejection from the machine you can deskill the operation, reduce labour, increase production and quality.  

Guide Table

Model                          Roll Widths     Rolling Thickness   Prebending        Top Roll Dia   MCA 2017                      2050 mm             7 mm                    4 mm                 170 mm  MCA 3030                      3100 mm            15 mm                  12 mm                 300 mm